Overview of our solutions

We offer investment options for the diversification of your portfolio through currencies combined with geographic separation of your assets.

Clients of Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors have the option to custody their assets in Switzerland or the US, or in both jurisdictions.

Our main services

  • Investment Management services, including Focus mandates
  • Client Directed Advisory services
  • Multi-currency capabilities
  • Global diversification
  • Ability to custody assets in Switzerland and/or the US
  • US and Canadian tax reporting by custodian


More information about:

Investment Management Program
Client Directed Advisory Programs

Investment minimum

Investment Management Program: CHF 1,000,000
Investment Management Program (Focus mandates): CHF 1,000,000
Client Directed Advisory Program: CHF 2,000,000
Client Directed Precious Metals Advisory Program Precious Metals: CHF 1,000,000


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