Custody Services

Custody in Switzerland or the US

As a client of Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors AG, you can choose to hold your assets at Bank Vontobel in Zurich or at Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC in the US.

Your Swiss custodian: Bank Vontobel AG, Zurich

If you choose Vontobel, you benefit from the state-of-the-art banking platform of Bank Vontobel AG. Moreover Vontobel belongs to the very good capitalized banks in Switzerland with a BIS Tier 1 ratio of 18.9%. At the end of 2018, Vontobel held total client assets in the amount of CHF 247.3 billion.

Your US custodian: Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC

Alternatively, you may choose to hold your assets at Pershing Advisor Solutions LLC, in the US, which is part of the industry’s largest securities clearing and custody provider. The firm is an affiliate of Pershing LLC, a well-capitalized broker-dealer with more than $ 1.8 trillion in global client assets (as at September 30, 2018) in more than 40 countries.

Further information concerning the custody services of Bank Vontobel and Pershing Advisor Solutions can be found in our ADV 2A Wrap Fee Program Brochure, available on the SEC's website:

More information about Vontobel can be found here:

More information about Pershing Advisor Solutions can be found here:


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