Investment Process

Well-founded from A to Z

Our transparent and disciplined investment process allows us to identify investments from a global universe and select the ones that we believe will best meet your personal needs.

Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors pursues a structured investment process: a team of experienced economists regularly assesses the global economic climate and generates well-founded forecasts for you. These forecasts form the basis of our experts’ decisions in terms of optimum distribution of asset classes, markets and currencies in our investment policy, which are then adopted and implemented by our investment management team.

Investment Committee

Our Investment Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss market outlook and perspectives, and to decide on the portfolio composition of our Investment Management Program.

Independent investment views

Investment decisions should always be independent and based on well-founded analysis. That’s why we use research from Vontobel Group and a wide variety of third-party institutions. The selection of individual securities is carried out by our experienced team of investment experts. The selected investments form Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors’ Investment Universe, which also serves as the basis for our Client Directed Advisory Program.

Recurring process and risk management

The implementation and supervision of your wealth is part of our recurring investment process, through which you benefit from our many years of experience. Risk management is an integral part of this investment process. Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors also adheres to the portfolio management principles of the Swiss Bankers Association.

Investment Process