Are you moving to the US?

US residents are subject to SEC and IRS regulations. Your non-US adviser only follows local and national rules. Your portfolio might not be adapted to American rules and this can lead to unnecessary costs.  It is best to realign your investments before you become a US resident.

Or Canada?

Canadian residents also follow Canadian rules on investments and taxation even if their account is held abroad. You might own funds that are not registered in Canada.

Are you an American living abroad?

You know how difficult it is to find advisors who understand your complex needs. You need dual tax reporting, US and local. You might have a trust for which your local bank cannot open an account. You would like to keep US dollars as well as your local currency and not pay foreign exchange fees for every transfer.




Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors can help you manage the financial complexity of living abroad from our offices in Switzerland and the US.




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